ThoughtWare = Methodology and best practices + Software

Module Level

We embed methodological issues in the software by combining the following methods:

1. Creating fields in the form of a module.

2. Creating sections in the form of a module.

A field in the form points to the needed information. It is a main methodological issue.  If the field remains empty (for a reasonable period) we face one of the following – the information is missing and we have to do something about it OR the field is redundant.  Sections enable to focus on the most relevant issues.

3. Linking fields in the same module by functions

4. Linking fields in the same module and enabling calculations

5. Automation and workflow.

6 Hiding fields and/or sections.- temporarily removing from observation and thus enabling gradual adaptation

7. Designing specific modules

System Level

Linking fields in different  modules and enabling calculations

Automation and workflow

Our ThoughtWare is designed as a Closed Loop system enabling monitoring and control:

  • Right-time and/or Real-time Alerts
  • Ample Conventional Reporting Abilities
  •  Analytics/Business Intelligence  Reports

2 Closed Loop Management System

Module Level illustration

Consider for example the Risk Management module.

The following figure displays the outer façade of Risk and the strategies to minimize its negative effects:


In the Create Risk form are embedded fields and sections which describe and enable decisions about handling the Risk and are the bases of Risk Register


We have utilized Zoho CRM and some other Zoho technologies as the basic infrastructure of the system and on this solid ground we have developed our proprietary methodology, applications and functionality- this we expressed asThoughtWare


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