Cloud Contact (Engagement) Center Integrated with and Triggered by Zoho CRM- Part 3

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5. Operability and Automation

1_suppzoho.jpgZoho PhoneBridge integrates your on-site and hosted telephone applications (PBX) with your Zoho CRM and your Zoho Support account if you need one.

The Zoho PhoneBridge triggers the Hosted PBX and the CRM, and thus, making sure the every call you make and receive counts.

The key features of the Zoho PhoneBridge include the following:

vManage (plan, monitor and control) your incoming and outgoing calls

vView the details of a lead, contact or account when you make or receive a call. Know your caller and be ready with the right information before the call

vProviding a more personalized and effective response.

vAssociate calls with CRM tickets - identifies the caller and matches the details with the customer's record in Zoho CRM. You are able, in real-time, to take a quick glance at the purchase history, notes, and email conversations with the caller. You have contextual information about your customers during calls to provide a more effective response

vJot down a call description during or after the call and save the effort of remembering the details after the call.

vReminds you of the calls that are scheduled and those that you have to phone again

vSet up reminders for the calls, so that you do not miss the opportunity to call the customer.

vUpdates your call duration automatically

vClick-to-dial from within the CRM - dial calls with a single click

vCheck out the calls that you missed while you were away.  Never miss out calls, as a call missed could be a customer lost to your business

vGenerate reports to view the amount of time spent, by agents, on each call

vCreate multiple Zoho PhoneBridge groups to enable better customer support

vSocial Engagement

Some illustrations of "How Does It Work"

Single click dialing

You do not have to pick up your phone anymore to call your contacts. Click on the call icon that comes with every phone number and initiate calls directly from your lead or contact page in Zoho CRM.


Call Reminder

With over a hundred calls to make and multiple deals to closely follow, do you have a constant fear about missing out on something important? Do not worry! Zoho PhoneBridge will send you prompt reminders on every call to be made.











Personalized Customer Service

4_CAKK_FROM_SMIRH.pngWhich sounds better? "Who is this?" or "Thank you for calling us Bob!"  Clearly, the latter. Callers are always happy to be greeted by name, and Zoho PhoneBridge helps you to identify who is calling you by displaying the caller’s data from the CRM in a business card view anytime you receive a call. Now you can know their name and look at conversations, notes, and tasks from the past. All of which helps you in providing a more personalized and effective response.









Save Time and Increase Efficiency

With the automatic call logging feature, you do not have to log your calls manually each time you speak to someone. Using the call pop-up, you can add notes instantly, while on the call or right after.

What’s more, you can even add follow-up tasks and assign someone to them right from within the same call pop-up.


We shall present some examples of some of the available options in the areas of communication channels, features, and knowledge collaboration. 


6. Predictions on the Future of Contact Centers (July 21, 2015)

Troy McNall in his article Predictions on the Future of Contact Centers (July 21, 2015) writes:

6__MAN_SMALL.jpg"Thanks to cloud-based phone systems and the need for providing around-the-clock service, contact center staff will increasingly be working from home. This allows for cost savings and the flexibility to support peak periods as they occur. Supervisors are also more likely to be working from mobile locations with the ability to monitor agents with real-time stats accessible on mobile devices."

Working from home will offset the high turnover of the contact centers' staff, which is a real nuisance.

Troy writes also:

Contact centers are increasingly becoming responsible for more than just calls. According to a recent industry study, 40 percent of contact center experts believe that Web chat will become the primary channel for contact by 2020. This makes sense when you consider that more and more consumers are initiating their contact with a company on a smartphone or other Internet-based device.

Moreover, this:

"With contact centers more focused on relationship building and less on call volume, the primary goal of agents will no longer be to answer as many calls as possible. Transactional metrics that measure call handling times and number of calls taken will also become less important when determining agents’ productivity and success".

This is exactly the reason for us designing the Cloud Contact-Engagement Center integrated with and triggered by Zoho CRM- Customer Relationship Management


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