Cloud Contact (Engagement) Center Integrated with and Triggered by Zoho CRM –Part 2

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2. Main types of centers

All Center types are based on Zoho technologies (except for the hosted PBX):

  • telemarketing and telesales
  • appointment management - scheduling and automated reminder features
  • survey management and analysis
  • customer service and support
  • help desk services

We customize each center type and the CRM to meet unique requirements of the various verticals and specific organizations

























3. Additional Configurations and Functionalities


Being modular, scalable and in the Cloud enables to enrich the Contact (Engagement) Center by numerous additional communication channels and functionalities. 

These add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the basic configuration; some of them by the customer - DIY (Do It Yourself).

The following figure illustrates some of the available add-ons (a partial list).




4 Zoho Reports online reporting and business intelligence-analytics

A primus inter pares add-on (in some cases mandatory) is Zoho Reports.

Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence-analytics system that helps you easily analyze data,

, and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed closed-loop decision-making

 4 BI

 Effective management of the Contact Center requires a closed loop management system enabling monitoring and control, as well as tight and continuous collaboration between marketing and sales people.




In addition, specific modules can be added and also seamlessly integrated, including customer support management, knowledge management to make sure that the Center's agent is properly addressing the customer's need the first time they call; thereby, eliminating the need for the customer to follow up with a second call-First Contact Resolution – FCR

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