Cloud Contact (Engagement) Center Integrated with and Triggered by Zoho CRM – Part 1

This article is presented in three parts:

Part 1-- Basic Configuration

Part 2 -- Main types of centers

Part 3 -- Operability and Automation

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1. Basic Configuration

Based on our experience in enhancement of SMB effectiveness, {SMB - USA/Europe up to 500 employees; Small – up to 50},

We, at the Cloud CRM Systems, have developed the modular, scalable, Cloud Contact (Engagement) Center triggered and empowered by Zoho CRM.)

The basic configuration integrates seamlessly three infrastructure elements:

1. The Hosted PBX system (we can integrate almost any Hosted PBX)

2. The Zoho PhoneBridge

3. The Zoho CRM system (we recommend the enterprise edition)

'''The Zoho PhoneBridge connects the Hosted PBX and the Zoho CRM


Please note the high positioning of Zoho CRM on the Crowd grid 2016



We will not be offended if you refer to it as a Call Center (telephone center). Voice communication is to stay and it is a very effective engagement channel. The conversations may be recorded and their time, duration and summary are stored in the CRM.

However, "pure" Telephone Center is history now, as we proceed towards Unified Communication (UC), Multichannel interaction/Multichannel integration, and now towards the favored new comer term omnichannel. We can cope with almost any desired channel and integrate it with the CRM.

For most SMB companies, the omnichannel vision is, as yet, too difficult to implement, even if the technology is affordable and handy.

Therefore, we at Cloud CRM Systems offer a modular solution that may be deployed gradually starting with the basic communication channels: Website, voice, email, chat, and fax






If needed, the customer may seamlessly add additional inbound and outbound channels, such as social media, and campaign

We have also adopted Bruce Temkin's observation: “Customer experience is the perception that customers have of all their interactions with an organization.”

As customer experience (CX) is critically important, it is almost a must that customer engagement will be activated by the CRM and resides in its database, always at an instant reach.

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