In depth analysis of Marketing and Sales Progress using Zoho Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

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vZoho Reports is the Commercial name of Zoho Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics.

vBusiness Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term. The outcome of BI is governed by the technologies, algorithms and disciplines that are actually used. (Please see extract from Wikipedia at the end of this article). Because of the variety of possible BI structures and functionalities a deep understanding and specialization is needed for integrating BI with other organizational systems and applications.

vCloud CRM Systems(Cell: 972-54-4900148) has acquired the knowhow for effective integration of BI with other organizational systems and applications


In depth analysis of Marketing and Sales Progress requires thorough analysis of multiple variables which are scattered in organizational databases, flat files, web feeds, cloud storage services & online/offline applications

In most cases information is required from a variety of sources outside the organization.

Our challenge is to use tools which can connect to the required different sources, extract the needed data, blend & merge it to create meaningful business reports. For example, combine our marketing spend data in Excel files or AdWords, with our sales data from CRM, to create a spend vs. sales report and dashboards

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bsolete and ineffective tools and methods (partial)

"We were using Microsoft Excel prior to Zoho Reports. It was quite cumbersome and did not provide us the insights that we were looking for from our data. We needed a tool that would allow us to crunch our numbers. Besides, it was also time consuming and we were a little dubious about the output".

David H. Conway, IT and Marketing Manager; Maxim Facilities Management

We use our proprietary systems as well as Microsoft Access, for our reporting needs. Our proprietary systems are very complex and require development hours for reporting. Our intention is to get more data to our users in a user-friendly environment for filtering, etc. We have simply outgrown this system (the reporting we conduct on Microsoft Access, in conjunction with our proprietary system) both for transaction level, as well as the number of employees who need to be engaged in reporting.
CHALLENGE: Find a reporting tool that scales well and will report on big data (over 100 million rows)

Amy Milligan, VP of Marketing & Business Analytics; Worldwide Express,

Choosing Zoho Reports /Zoho Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

vZoho Reports has allowed us to transform how we report our sales activity. We can now see accurate forecasts immediately without having to spend hours in spreadsheets. Our sales reporting is now all done automatically using the Zoho CRM advanced analytics add-on. We are now able to track the leads that get converted to deals effectively using funnels. This helps us to easily analyze where most of the prospects are lost and helps in devising plans to improve the conversion rate. - David H. Conway, IT and Marketing Manager; Maxim Facilities Management

  • I chose Zoho Reports because of the interface and the robust features to handle our volumes of data quickly and efficiently, and also because it allowed for quick and efficient changes through the
  • Data Import from a variety of sources: With a wide range of data connectors available in Zoho Reports, setting up data imports and blending of data from multiple sources was at ease.
  • The dashboards show KPIs, both at very high and granular levels - Amy Milligan, VP of Marketing & Business Analytics; Worldwide Express,

vCross functional analytics by blending data from Xero and spreadsheets - Doug Freeman, CEO of nCentix

According to G2 Crowd Grid Zoho

Please note: Zoho Reports is leading in the Leaders quadrant

We chose Zoho because of recommendations, the web-based access so that we could access the app from anywhere, ability to share publicly and privately to users, security such as two-factor authentication, flexibility in pricing (ability to increase or decrease users as needed), and the ability to tie into databases or load data via CSV and Excel. - Alexandra Nelson Ryan CTO of Evantec Corporation

Interactive and In-depth Visualization: Easy to use drag and drop based interface allowed the team to slice and dice their data and create insightful reports and dashboards effortlessly. With interactive dashboards and informative KPI widgets, the team found it relatively easy to keep track of their key metrics and take informed decisions

Secure Collaboration: With Zoho Reports' online sharing options along with fine-grained access control, collaborating within the team was easier than ever before

Accessibility: Zoho Reports being an online service, it allowed Alex and her team to access the reports and collaborate from anywhere, anytime.

The solution being web-based, is accessible by end users anytime, anywhere - Alexandra Nelson Ryan CTO of Evantec Corporation


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Zoho Reports enabled us to create KPIs with complex business logics built-in. It's easy enough but at the same time quite powerful for a marketer to use. Personally, it's my number one tool for reporting. - Louis-Dominic Parizeau, Director of Adviso

Necessary condition, But Not Sufficient

A seamless integration between CRM and Zoho Reports ia a necessary condition in order to analyze Marketing and Sales Progress/



However we have to connect Zoho Reports to any relevant data source because business data now lies scattered in flat files, web feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications. Wherever your data is, you can now use Zoho Reports for in depth analysis and reporting. Data syncs is automatic and can be scheduled periodically.


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