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DAVID.jpgCloud CRM Systems has been founded in 2014 by David Saltoon.
The company specializes in development and implementation of modular, in the cloud, ThoughtWare suites (ThoughtWare = Methodology and best practices imbedded in Software)




We utilize Zoho CRM and some other Zoho technologies as the basic infrastructure of the suites and on this solid ground we are developing our proprietary methodology, applications and functionality


Based on the experience we have gained in Israeli Hi-tech and Medical tourism companies we focus on rapid yet thorough implementation of "cloud" systems to promote the management, marketing, sales and profitability of start-up enterprises (growing new ventures) and growing SMB. 

We have acquired considerable expertise in system customization, rapid deployment and thorough assimilation in the fields of CRM, Integrating Digital and Conventional marketing and sales strategies as well as, project management, training and support systems.

As to the present we offer these system and of course also all other Zoho products and technologies.

vCloud Contact (Engagement) Center Integrated with and Triggered by Zoho CRM (Please download PDF

vCloudExport® ThoughtWare suite for Export Marketing & Sales Management) - Please download CloudExport PDF

vCloudMedTourism ® ThoughtWare suite for Medical, Health and Wellness Tourism Management  - Please download CloudMedToutism PDF





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Cell: 972-54-4900148


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